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Hetzner Marketing Server Module

This module make a page in WHMCS website that show Hetzner Marketing Servers to your clients for order.
You can add commission percent to add your fee on all servers prices and sell Hetzner Marketing Servers on your website and get BIG Money with only show servers on your website .
You will be same Original Hetzner Website for selling BIG Dedicated Servers with best quality .
This module will be do all things automatically and you don't need to do anythings .
List all Hetzner Marketing servers on your website
Add your Percent to all servers prices
Users see servers features and choose server
Module make invoice
client pay
and Module will do all for you and Users .
Only you must install this module on your WHMCS portal and configure it ... END
Now you will be same Hetzner for Selling big Dedicated Servers .
Thanks so Much for choosing us .

  • It will do
  • We have free setup for this module on your WHMCS System . Note